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Reasons Why You Might Lose Your Real Estate Clients

The life of a real estate agent is pretty much run by the reputation that they have earned over the course of their real estate career.  Unfortunately with the housing market being... Read more »
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How To Handle The High Maintenance Client

If you are an experienced real estate agent you might have already had to deal with the high maintenance client.  If you are a real estate agent that is new to the... Read more »
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How To Be Successful With A Career In Real Estate

Having a career in real estate is not easy.  It involves a lot of hard work as well as long hours.  You will also need to realize that many real estate agent... Read more »
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The How To Guide To Win a Listing

As a real estate agent you will soon learn that you will be both buying and selling real estate properties.  Both will be an important way to earn money and grow your... Read more »
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Real Estate Agents Are Often Forgotten About When The Keys Are Handed Over

Have you ever heard a real estate agent say that they do not have many returning clients?  This is a common problem that real estate agents often run into.  There are many... Read more »