Commercial painters have some of the coolest painting ideas, and they know how to execute them flawlessly. It can leave you wondering how they came up with such an impressive design and how you could duplicate the results yourself.

There are a lot of painting ideas you can find online on sites like Pinterest, but sometimes you can be left with results that are a dead giveaway that they’re a DIY project. The trick to making them look like a professional painting job is to take the ideas the pros use and put them to work in your own project.

If you’re ready to break out the paint, wait just a few minutes. Read about these five awesome ideas before you get started. Then you’re sure to have a good understanding of what you want to do and how you’re going to get the results you want.

1. Use Chalkboard Paint To Add Some Fun

Chalkboard paint can be added almost anywhere in your home. If you have a kiddo that loves to draw on the walls, chalkboard paint can be put at the level their little hands can reach. Give them some chalk and let them draw away. Here Kathy Adams a renowned write at SFGate has described some proven methods of how to apply chalkboard paint on walls.

You can also add chalkboard paint to places like the kitchen where you can keep a grocery list going, or in place of a calendar in the office or living room to keep track of what your family is up to. The point is to use the paint to make things a little more fun while still adding some design intrigue.
Here Do It Yourself comes with some of the best tips to make chalkboard wall ever.

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2. Use Painter’s Tape To Make Cool Designs

You don’t have to stick to using painters tape just to protect your baseboards or windows. You can use it to make pretty cool designs for an accent wall. Geometric prints or even basic arrow inspired designs are trendy right now. There are tutorials you can follow online to make sure you’re getting the sharpest and most polished looking design possible.

If you really want to add in the extra flair you can paint a base color on the wall, tape up your design, then cover it with the color you want to use throughout the rest of your room. This way, your unique patterned taped design is even more interesting to look at.

Choose colors that complement each other or even colors that are total opposites on the color wheel. Either way, you’re going to have a wall that looks great and isn’t just your standard paint job.

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3. Use Textured Or Special Finish Paints

Paint is not the same as the basic eggshell white you bought years ago. There are all kinds of fantastic options out there right now. If you’re painting a child’s room, look into glitter finish latex paints. It will add a sparkle of unique design elements that you just don’t get with flat paints.

If you really want to add drama to a room, you can opt for metallic paint which will give your room a sheen no one will be able to ignore. It would be an excellent option for a basement or man cave where a lot of entertaining is done. You can check out these cool metallic paint tips from Family Handyman.

One other type of finish that commercial painters are talking about right now is a glaze finish. If you want your walls to have a more glass-like look while still being able to slightly see the color, a glaze is your best bet. It’s not a full coverage paint option so you will need to choose a base color, but the effect you get will be worth any extra effort you put into this option.

4. Go Ahead, Paint Your Ceiling

Ceilings used to be off limits according to old, outdated paint rules. You could paint the walls, but the ceilings must be left alone (and white.) This isn’t the case anymore. People are choosing to paint their ceilings more and more often every day. There used to be a myth that painting the ceiling would make your room feel smaller and more closed in. This isn’t actually the case.

When you choose the right colors or painting ideas (sometimes you can stripe paint your ceiling too) painting your ceiling can make a room feel welcoming and warm. You don’t have to choose a crazy color if you aren’t sure about this newer trend. You can always start out with a more purposeful choice of white than what your home came with.

Give yourself an opportunity to adjust to the ceiling being a new color and then choose something more adventurous after some time has passed. Using this easy painting idea really can bring your whole home together and make it a place that feels peaceful to spend time in. Here Bob Villa shows you some inspiring ways to give your ceiling a new look today.

5. Try Out Typographic Paint Designs

These might be best left for places that you need a little inspiration like a bedroom or your home office. Typographic designs include using a fancy script to paint a quote on your wall. The trick is to make it flow with the room, so it doesn’t look too out of place. You want it to stand out and blend in at the same time.

If you aren’t great with script style lettering, it’s okay if you have to bring in a professional to get this part of the painting project done. Typography isn’t something you’ll want to have a look poorly done, even if you’re really tempted to try it on your own. A good designer can also give you a typographic painting that has a 3D effect or uses fantastic calligraphy. You can go through some catchy wall typography design ideas here.

You can spend some time searching online for a quote you want to use, but make sure it’s one you’ll want to see every day. These designs really add a personal flair to any room. You just have to make sure they’re done well, so invest some time in learning or some money in hiring a pro for this one.

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It’s clear that there are a lot of ways to avoid having boring walls in your home. If one color painting just isn’t doing it for you, there are a lot of options available at your disposal. If you need advice on how to make these ideas look amazing, you can find tutorials online, or ask a professional for tips. No matter what you choose to try out, the results can be surprising in the best way when you take a little risk in your next paint project. You don’t have to use or love all painting ideas trends out there. Find what works for you and then go for it. You’ll end up with a more enjoyable home to live in, which everyone will appreciate.

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