Are you wondering what to do to your dark, unpleasant bathroom? Do you feel an overhaul can be your best choice? Well, this is the best option you can go for since some bathrooms have some unpleasant characteristics such as a cookie-cutter bathtub, sink, and mirror and toilet combination. Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna miss this top 15 cool & rustic basement bathroom ideas, so without further due, let’s get started.

Currently, there are latest designs used for bathrooms, which portray a fresh revolutionary look. Think of what we all feel a good bathroom should be. Look at things such as bold texture, wall-mounted toilets, and sinks that defy gravity, doorless cabinets and bathroom patterns occupying small spaces. You need to open your mind, forget some old tales and figure out what a bathroom should look like and that is why we are giving you nine steps to do this.

Add a Stylish Powder Room

This activity will be determined by the primary purpose of your basement, for example, if your basement is used for entertainment purposes then you need powder other than a full bathroom. A powder room is primarily a small space containing a toilet and sink. Therefore, your modeling at some extent it may involve some striking materials like gooseneck faucet stylish sinks and stone tiles

Indulge in Luxury Features

You will not avoid including a bath within the basement if a guest suite, parent or teen ar5e some of the facilities within the basement. You may be wrong to think since it is a basement; a bathroom is not a luxurious one similar to one in upstairs. In the guest bathroom, a curved front sink and a walk in shower are some of the luxurious features. For making the place interesting, rough-hewn stones of different sizes would be a great idea.

Keep Kids in Mind

You need to include a step stool for the kids to be able to reach the sinks if the basement involves kids. To add a colorful accent to the room you may need to attach unused paint cans on the walls; they will also be of paramount importance since they will still be used to hold fresh towels.

Plan for Good Lighting

Basement requires lighting especially if it is for a bathroom, note that this lighting fixtures in the shower must be made of waterproof lenses. Ceiling lights provide ambient lighting in front of this wall-size mirror illuminate the vanity.

Choose Water-Resistant Materials

It is important to select materials with functionality and style; stones tiles are there to sort you out since there are durable, easy to clean and water resistant, therefore, are preferred for floors and walls.

There are six different surfaces in this tiny practical corner; reason being is that they are complementary in texture and tone, visual harmony prevails.

Expand Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are used since they stretch wall-to-wall and countertop to the ceiling to give five by 7-foot models for the basement, which makes the bathroom more significant than it is. The mirrors also increase light by creating an illusion of double the windows and reflecting illumination from light fixtures.

Since checkerboard wallpaper is always visually busy, the alternative is enhanced by the mirror reflection making the room seem deeper. By having, a sink that measures 18 inches from front to back it saves a lot of counter space.

Find Room for a Full Bath

Since a basement bathroom is of small space, having a space area of 35 square feet can be of help because it can accommodate a toilet, shower, vanity or bathtub. Most of the building only allows ceiling heights of 84 inches—6 inches lower than other living areas.

Toilet, shower stall, and vanity are also found in the basement guest bathroom. An adjacent office, close the pocket door and bathroom teams up are needed to serve as a welcoming and private guest suite.

Use color to enlarge the Space

Two similar tones of ceramic tiles from a checkerboard cover the floor and walls in this bathroom and give the space a bigger look. The secrets to that are lack of pattern and solid color. While comparing a typical square shower and an angled shower, we can say an angled shower to the right is more efficient since it utilizes the space well.

Glass Blocks for Light and Privacy

Glass block is most preferred especially for the bathroom built at the basement on an aboveground exterior wall to bring in light and provide privacy. This is made possible since a large mirror over the sink reflects both the pendants lights and window on the opposite wall hence bouncing more light through the room.

Connecting fixtures to the main drain are very necessary while adding a bathroom to the basement, which may result in cutting through the concrete floor. In case the headroom is available, a solution can be made by elevating the bathroom so that the new plumbing lines and drain can be hidden under the floor.

Make the Bath Accessible

It creates a beautiful image when the bath is designed in different principles, for example, a wheelchair-accessible bath. This designs gave a stunning marble-lined basement bath features like a free door and raised thresholds making it easier to access. These dramatic features like pedestal sink and mirrors lit by long warm- light fluorescent tubes give adjacent vanity compartment.

Soften the Bath with Fabric

By use of decorative fabric makes bathrooms walls soft and gives a final change; this treatment is recommended for basements where condensation and moisture are not a bother. For upholstered walls which are found in a powder room are considered because it is small enough to keep the job manageable. It has made possible by staple batting to the walls then stretch and staple lengths of fabric over the batting. It is advisable to use hot glue to secure decorative welting over the staples. One can also paint the lower walls to look similar to stained wood wainscoting with bamboo molding.

Include a Laundry

A floor drain is needed by basement laundry room to work upon overflows or leaks and an exterior wall location so you can vent the dryer to the outdoors. Marble-top furniture-style vanity, stone tile floor, and full shower give a beautiful look to basement bathroom. Also paneled closet doors at one end open to reveal a stacked washer and dryer also add flavor to the bathroom.

Design a Multipurpose Basement Bathroom

A multipurpose basement bathroom offers a variety of duties, for example, can be used by the guest to bath and can have a space to do exercise. To take advantage of an above-grade exterior window put a treadmill tucks into the corner just beyond the partial wall. A partial wall can be of help if your basement does not have a window to accommodate a wall mount television to keep you entertained while working out.

Expand Space with a Light Palette

With a light palette, space always feels more significant than it is. Combination of limestone floor and wall tiles with white paint and limestone fixture are used to make the most natural light entering through the glass-block window. Limestone countertop and table-style vanity with an under mount sink give clean lines for an uncluttered look.  For the fluorescent tubes placed on each side of the medicine chest mirrors, provide shadow-free illumination for putting on makeup or shaving.

Benefits Of Bathroom Renovations

Often, homeowners love to remodel their bathrooms whenever they undertake home development projects. Enhancing your bathroom presents a wide range of benefits. You will enjoy these advantages both when intending to sell your house and when planning to stay in it for an entire lifetime. Thus, when considering renovating your premises either to enhance its efficiency, storage, aesthetics or general value, you should prioritize modifying your master and common bathrooms. Your guests, family and own self will cherish those benefits.

Renovating Bathroom To Create Space For Leisure

When restructuring your bathroom, you should purpose to improve its functionalities while making it more relaxing and comfortable. Thus, when remodeling it, you should consider building an unsuited. You might opt to give your typical tub the appearance of a spa while incorporating a tiled shower with several shower heads. Then, embrace materials and colors that will create a calm and serene ambience.

Remodeling Your Bathroom To Enhance Your Home’s Value

All realtors confess that most buyers and home seekers look at the condition of lavatories and kitchen first. Thus, the state of your bathroom will influence their decision heavily, enhancing the beauty of typical surfaces including countertops, faucets and tub surround pays. You could even seal some surfaces with fresh paint to attract buyers and sell your property at a higher price.

If you want to increase this value, even more, you might want to give it an unsuited if not an extra bathroom. Homes with a single bathroom are unquestionably cheaper compared to their counterparts with two or more bathrooms. Therefore, when uncertain of the best way to maximize your space, you should consult experts in bathroom renovation such as Lambert Brothers Construction. They will certainly provide the best advice.

Bathroom Renovations For Boosting Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

LED lights are gaining popularity over traditional lighting because of their efficiency. They use less energy and provide better lighting. You should also invest in energy efficient fixtures such as showerheads and low-flow toilets. Luckily, they pride in cost-effectiveness as time progresses. These energy efficient gears use less water, and thus you will no longer worry about losing water pressure. These green changes will minimize the effects of your activities on nature while at the same time saving the bucks that you spend on monthly bills.

Enhancing Your Bathroom’s Aesthetics

It goes without a word that you will adore the new looks of your modified bathroom and unsuited. You will cherish its current functionality as well as its appealing appearance. Although looks are just a drop in the ocean, they will aid in making you love your home more.

Adding Space To Your Bathroom

You risk feeling crowded in a bathroom especially when it cannot accommodate more than one person at the same time. Even so, a well-structured bathroom must feature adequate space. You should add space to your small sized bathroom or at least remodel and reconstruct it to increase its space using well-thought layouts. You should also utilize fixtures that fit in your design. Regardless of your needs, Experts can prove to be helpful. They will help in streamlining or adding storage space creatively in your house. You can trust them with renovating your bathroom.


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